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All about Imvu free credits hack.

All about Imvu free credits hack.

A lot of people are quite bamboozled by the role that credits play in IMVU.In all honesty,it is not at all complicated to understand the concept provide you know the basics of how they function.

If you don't then it is completely alright.

I'll be clearing up a lot of your doubts today.

Lets get started.

1)What are credits?

They are basically a form of currency in IMVU.These credits allow you to buy a lot of different things.These things renge from goods in the cataloughe to music to badges and shoutouts.

2)What is a predit?

A predits is actually a short form of promotional credits.It serves the same purpose as that of credit.However,these function is a bit different in a way.IMVU rewards you with predits in exchange for buying goods from the catalouge.

3)How to use predits?

Predits can be used in the same way as credits.However,predits have some limitation. You cannot gift an item to someone else using the predits.Also,these predits are non-transferaable.

4)What to do when you burn out all of your predits?

The only 2 option that you have left is to either buy some or earn some from IMVU

5)How to get more credits?

Credits can be purchased from the official IMVU store or can be earned using imvu hack

6)Miss Greenbacks?Who is she?

The official banker of IMVU is know as Miss Greebacks.

7)How to buy credits for a friend?

If you want to buy credits for your friend then you need to select the credits button in the header and then click on buy credits.This gives you the option to select the number of credits that you want to purchase. Once this is done you can the proceed with the checkout. When prompted select your friends avatar,select the transaction platform and go through with the entire process.

8)What if I do not recieve my credits?

I rare cases this could happen as there are quite a lot of users to request credits everyday.This puts a load on the transaction servers.

First you need to check with your payment gateway whether the transaction was completed from their end. If it was then you can proceed and contact their support or open a ticket here.

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